About Me

I concentrate on cooking, home improvement and general reference topics that speak to my own passions. I’m an avid cook, home renovation and design enthusiast, gardener, collector of mid-century modern furniture, and a generally curious person. Every project I work on is also informed by twenty-five years spent working on the inside, for publishers large and small. I’m keenly aware of how a writer fits into the grander scheme of the publishing process.

I’ve written twenty-eight books. I’ve developed and edited dozens more, as well as magazines and websites. I often serve as a freelance project manager when my clients need me to. These days, publishing-house resources are stretched thin. That’s why writing assignments in illustrated book categories are rarely confined to just crafting the editorial. I regularly research photos and secure rights from both stock houses and third party “free-use” sources, coordinate with other professionals such as graphic designers, and work with co-authors as clients. Regardless of what any project entails, I focus on quality and professionalism. After all, any book can be written poorly or well, delivered late or early. I prefer to set the bar high, communicate clearly, create tangible benefits for the reader, and exceed my clients’ expectations.

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