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Written with two co-authors, crafting this bestseller involved recipe development and testing, as well as writing all copy. I had to capture the essence of the titular TV show in both the recipes selected, and editorial style and voice. I also tested all the recipes in the book. Ray Venezia is “America’s Butcher” and a frequent contributor to <i>Fox & Friends</i> and the <i>Rachael Ray Show</i>. I worked closely with him to establish a format that would be intuitive and useful for the reader, and prose that would capture Ray’s entertaining personality. The New York City restaurant group Alicart wanted a book that would bring the evocative experience of their Virgil’s Barbecue restaurant to life for readers who couldn’t make it to the restaurant. I created a casual, conversational voice to capture the gritty, down-home, bib-wearing style of the restaurant itself. Written for the same client who commissioned the Virgil’s cookbook, this was a follow-on to the company’s first cookbook, based on their landmark Times Square restaurant of the same name. I worked closely with the Alicart’s chefs to modify family style recipes for home use and style the recipes for the book. I was a true ghostwriter for the popular Olympic gold medalist and Food Network host, Brian Boitano. This book built on Brian’s Food Network TV show of the same name, and centered on his hip, fun, and often quirky recipes. It required establishing and maintaining his “voice” throughout the book, and capturing his particular sense of fun and good humor. This was a straightforward ghostwriting assignment involving headnotes, recipe style formatting and introductory copy. The client, Dean McDermott, was the host of Canadian <i>Chopped</i>, and his own reality TV shows. My first cookbook was a tongue-in-cheek treatment focused on my need to “speed up” food preparation as a single dad. Humble, fun and snarky, I’m still waiting for the James Beard award for this one.

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